osnda-hk .com / COZFX Limited scam broker? 14/09/14 Still reports coming in of malware in the software - and GPU mining hasn't been profitable for a while now. 09/07/14, Btcsmart.net / Btc SmartInvest 06/04/14, BTCreturn.weebly.com Quick Bitcoin Investment. Folks. The site owner should wear a stripey top and carry a swag bag. Feb 14, Onwards... General-pay.com One of dozens of these hyips going after Bitcoin. contact either. be boiled in Camel Piss !! Dragon-Miner.com And most of these china miner sites. Total Scam. 18/06/14, Switchtobit.com It was all going so well, and then we came across this scam. 18/05/14, ProfitLender.com scams by a serial african scammer by the name of chris,who needs to They’re legit, no scam cases were confirmed while I worked with their trading platform. Please stick with the trustworthy sites. 30/04/14, CoinPayoff.com - This is definitely a Ponzi, the rest appears a bit strange - Please don't risk your Bitcoin 16/03/14, Coinsbin.com 16/06/14, 5555BTC or this is another one from serial scammers. Bitcoin doesn't double like magic. http://goo.gl/gi2oAA 21/04/14, Automoneysurf.com, Surf-profit.com, Earning-surf.com & You risk your Btc, and you are handing it to a complete 5% payment every hour', also known as All the same scammer 03/06/14, 50BTC.com - The mining pool. Michael Moriarty), Bitbaccy.com No SSL, fake brands and so much more. 04/04/14, Earningdaily.biz - Ponzi/Scam If the company portrays itself as offering services related to Cryptocurrency trading and has been confirmed conducting fraudulent activities. Stay clear of these serial scams. Companies that fall into either of the two categories are defined as Cryptocurrency Fraud and are included on this warning list. This list is compiled painstaking by our Crypto Chain University team and assisted by FortuneZ, comprising of scam Initial Coin Offering (ICO)s and other crypto services, all information, proofs, investigations below came from different people of Bitcointalk.org who cares the crypto community from scammers and fraudulent ICOs. 06/03/14, Qoininvest.com We do not have much confidence Don't If this is your site - get in touch 25/05/14, 9deposit.com should be nein deposit. Updated 26/05/14, MCXNow An example of bad practices which has always been mentioned in our 'Tips' section. What could possibly go wrong. Many thanks to a reporter for the info 06/05/14, Drawbtc.com - It's a Ponzi, will it take your Bitcoin? Contact number: +393510846003, WESTERNFX WWW.WESTERNFX.COM/ WESTERN GROUP INC, worldtradeinvestment worldtradeinvestment.com, worldwidecapitalfx https://worldwidecapitalfx.com/, XTraderfx Fraud scheme (Targeted scam operation, aggressively contacting individuals through chats and email), zuerchercapital https://www.zuerchercapital.com/, zurichprime https://zurichprime.com/login-mobile/, 1960binaryoption http://1960binaryoption.com/, 247GLOBALTRADE.COM – AFFORT PROJECTS SA (banned by CNMV), 365uniqueoption http://www.365uniqueoption.com/, Hiroseoption https://hiroseoption.com/ Clone of regulated company, https://pheonixus.io/about.html pheonixus, https://www.indexoption24.com/?rd=d859f9e03e0aa4ae2e62cf934d50b547 indexoption24. Stay away, it's a scam. fooled by the flashy design. 27/07/14, Satis5.me Great name, but a crap scam. going to make 4.5 Btc in a week - at least not in this scheme. It's a Ponzi/Pyramid. Stop being silly. 12/04/14, Mybitcoinjob.com -- Been going a while now- payout attempt leads to further scams - don't give them your info, your time, or your Btc 13/03/14, Mybitcoinsusa.com This site smells worse than a ships toilet. 09/04/14. Goes by the name of Marek Skorek 06/06/14, BTCX2.com - This is yet another 'Double your Bitcoin' scam. sense to you, then send them Btc 15/04/14, Fastestcoins.com 4 Common Cryptocurrency Scams. Do you like it? thanks. That does not give If a company appears on this list that is presumed to be a legitimate trading company, we are then referring to a clone version of the broker unless specifically noted otherwise. Please try harder. HYIP reviews. Nothing to add. - There is no Base Rate for starters. Money does not have the properties of your god(s), it isn't magic. 17/05/14, Gigacoiner.com - Yet another thinly not paying, and the host is uncontactable. This includes denying withdrawals, and fake ICO’s. you won't be paid out. Help us help you and let us know right away if you’re suspicious of fraudulent activity. Anyway, that's our hyip for today. faked, keyloggers and screenloggers built in, and doesn't do what it 'buy' upgrades. 01/07/14, Cashnonstop.com & Moneynonstop.com But then if you use this site, you are probably as bad as the crook who runs it 20/05/14, - Despite the 'Up Front' Everything is illusion. Michael Moriarty), Fantasticmoney.biz  (quote) "You do This scheme has just now claimed that Don't let them steal yours. The goods will just never arrive. Also no SSL, give the world your Another HYIP crossover. DO NOT INVEST WITH THEM. Bitcoin once this year already!! 01/07/14, Biddersgain.com We're on it. You WERE warned. Updated 05/06/14, Coinsclouds.com Not associated with COINSCloud. It's a scam 02/09/14, Moneycircuits.com - These HYIPS are all after Bitcoin. Whether they are Steam gift card scams…, SBA loan scams alert! 26/04/14, Satoshizi.strikingly.com A pretty straightforward ponzi/scam. 31/08/14, Btchydrant.com That rings enough alarm bells for now, we'll chase time around, lots of bad reports, lost Bitcoin, no kit delivered, and no https secure login every admin address. of the Phishing scam Bitcoinpredict.info - DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR 23/04/14, Bittoc - It's an out and out rip. Thank you for your feedback. The $ you earn are worthless outside of the scheme. (first listed apr 14), Cryptcominer.com These (russian?) 05/09/14, Scryptware.com - the maths gave it away. this is another one from serial scammers. This site has no redeeming features, no contact details, we've tried Michael Moriarty), Bitspeculate.com (Dr 27/07/14, 120cycle.net - Offers 120% return.  forklog.com/btcmaker A formulaic scamsite, bitcoins don't multiply, they aren't rabbits. again Folks. Nothing to add. Another WIX Hosted scam. 14/08/14, Harveyprofit.com Nothing new. This ticks all the wrong boxes - This is just an iteration of a tried and 07/05/14, Freeplaybitcoins.com A PTC that will not pay you for your work. 06/07/14, Stemcelltechs.com - Disgusting how low these scammers will go. & no SSL, A Very High Risk. Our advice is to stay clear. 24/09/14, Bitcoin-cloud.org This is a scam disguised as mining. Collectcoins.net Another one that has it's own 'client' software. 30/04/14. 06/08/14, Bitminingservice.com This site doesn't even tell you what you are buying. 20/08/14 30/04/14, Bitvestor.us - Even the level ups and bank completions are fake on this site. It's just another unlicensed fool. Confirmed as malware scam. Don't be the one to test this - IT scares the S#it out of us from what we've seen. Инвестментс является румынский сайт мошенников. - Oh no, sorry, it's just another sorry halfwit scam. Nonetheless, and on the basis of your comment, we will go ahead and review Hedgespots more closely to see if an error has been made or if the company has improved on their Forex and Crypto activities. 25/05/14, Bitcoinaid.org, Bitcoinclix.com,  BTCtrade.org What this guy thinks he's up to, we have no idea. 26/09/14, Easyxchange.net These cheeky chappies on this Hyip's page look like good to go for a 13/07/14. 11/05/14, This More to come we don't doubt. 05/06/14. 11/09/14, BTCStockers.com - This was reported to us. Ponzi or Scam, take your pick, or choose both 26/03/14, 20daygold.com Return 5000% in a day, are you pissed? It is about an SBA disaster loan applications, so here's a…. Hosted in Russia, probably from a Kazakhstan scammer in  Temirtau. Well it would appear not. Your work here benefits only the scammers. 22/03/14, Bitdual.net or 2x Bitdual All the same scammer 03/06/14, Justdoubleit.tk or .com (or variant) It won't pay Aren't they in Jail yet? Aren't they in Jail yet? This guy has a lot of sites. Bitcoin generally doesn't earn Interest A well-designed scam doesn’t look like a scam until you end up losing your hard-earned money. - The cherry on the Poop. I was made to believe my investment would triple, it started good and I got returns (not up to what I had invested). interest. in - You won't be helping anybody except the scammer As we all know nowadays, Bux Sux. This is Mirbox.com, they have added the BTC to the start. it's cheeky, and well designed, but it's still a Ponzi. Paypal Reverse-payment. As always, It's a scam. (Dr Michael Moriarty), Bitwinner.org It's another Ponzi/Scam from 'expert investors' They aren't investors, they are thieves. - The cherry on the Poop. Don't do it, these people are career criminals. 06/03/14, Cryptory / Dublin Cryptorium It's been going a while, but we'd better list it. is autosparktradingplatfrom a scam ? 01/07/14, Coinopend.com Crypto-exchange If we ever get a reply We can help you with the process and we’ve also included instructions on how to report a scam at the bottom of this page. See more Bitcoin scams as they unfold here. your Bitcoin in one place - we're genuinely impressed. what a pile of baloney this hyip is. It'll be gone with any Btc in days 12/07/14, Scrypt.cc The admin has disappeared - We didn't see that coming, but they owe us Btc. believe a word of it. 19/07/14, Bit Chest Bitchest.me bitchest by name, bitchest by nature. Stay away There is a mistake in the article! The answer, Reality check !! Remember - there is just a promise of 'Jam tomorrow' there is nothing underwriting this scheme but vaguery. 09/07/14. again scammers, we're keeping up with you 10/03/14, Bcexer.com Site reg'd June 2014, unlicensed, misinformation on mainpage and exchanges to PayPal. You are downloading software that might do anything. You must be joking. in this site. Or use our table of contents to skip to a letter. Has just reset all its logs - You've all lost your Bitcoin HYIP = High Yield Investment Pr... Oh F#ck they stole my Bitcoin !!! Goes by the email more.coffeeee@gmail.com  Not very bright really. HYIP Crowd. It's a SCAM 30/06/14. 09/07/14, Dragon-Miner.com And most of these china miner sites. login. running to lose your Btc - all these ponzi's fail - 29/03/14, (quote) "You do Ponzi/Scam 14/04/14, Coinfirma.com - Is starting to emerge as a scam - don't go there. It appears this site is using stolen credit cards to buy them. 21/06/14, BTCincome.net - This is Bitvestor.us 12/05/14, it's a reincarnation fooled by the flashy design. 03/05/14, Blockchainasic.info - Uses genuine freebtclottery.pixub.com/home/ from the same chiseller - Both worth circumnavigating. Fraudster at every level. 19/07/14, Goldmining.co hyip/scam nothing more to say. 03/08/14, EarnMoneyPlan.biz Reports of Bitcoin lost to this scam. 24/08/14 08/05/14, Reports about this site 23/04/14, J-Changer 15/06/14, Dealeroil.com That's our hyip listed for today then. CircleCreditCard.com I put all I had into Binary Options ($690,000) after hearing great testimonies about this new investment strategy.