When I do His word tells me I am a “living stone which has been rejected by men, but is choice and precious in the sight of God”. In the Old Testament, temple of God was a physical building in Jerusalem, but in the New Testament, the physical body of every child of God is the temple of God. Masturbation actually mean having sex with demon; since it is for sexual pleasure and it usually involves two people; in masturbation, the other person is invisible and that is demon. Sin prevents us from ever achieving any perfection in this life. Often the pressures of daily living, family, work, finances, tend to make me feel defeated. But Christ Himself has become High Priest of the coming good things . A holy and unique place dedicated to one purpose, to meet the living God. Some may think this is a boring Old Testament story of construction but just like the genealogies listed in scripture everything in God’s word has a spiritual significance. When King Solomon erected the temple, it had within it the Ark of the Covenant (which contained the Ten Commandments), a flask of manna and Aaron's rod that budded (2Chronicles 5:10, Hebrews 9:4). Our Facebook page, you can like our page for daily article on your wall, please click on this link and “like”, then click on the “liked” and add to “interest list” http://www.facebook.com/pages/Revelation-of-Truth-Evangelical-Ministries-RTEM/244086502364394, If you want to read other Christian articles and Bible Studies on several other topics from this ministry, you can please subscribe on our website rtemoutreach.org. Around 9 a.m. on April 5, 30 A.D., at a place called Golgotha, Jesus was laid flat on a wooden pole. What does the blood of Jesus have to do with us entering the "true holiest?". His removing of the veil between our heavenly Father and us means we can directly access him anytime we have a need. Many Christians and preachers claim that God is only interested in their hearts and nothing with their body, and so they can do anything with their bodies. (4) BLEACHING: Toning and bleaching skin is an act of defiling the temple of God. Let us remember that even this temple will one day fade away. ( Log Out /  The gold covered walls and intricately carved furnishings must have inspired a sense that they were in a special place indeed. The focus of God’s house was not so much making the outside appealing as it was the inside. (2Chronicles 5:13 - 14). Answer: The spirits of God you mention are symbolically represented by a seven headed candlestick that stood before His presence in the wilderness tabernacle (later the temple in Jerusalem, see Numbers 8:1 - 2).

A Quick Compelling Bible Study Vol. In spite of its appealing appearance the real reason for the Taj Mahal’s construction was as a tomb. Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me”. What and where is the veil he is referencing and why did Christ have to go through it? What does it symbolize, if anything? it’s a serious sin that poisons the whole system. (5) MASTURBATION: Masturbation is an act of manipulating one’s body for sexual pleasure, it is forbidden by every genuine child of God, because our body is the temple of God and we cannot manipulate it. Our Tel: (+234) (0)803 924 9751, (0)802 578 7942. “ Revelation 21:22, but for the present time, while we do dwell in these imperfect temples, let us offer God the sacrifices he requires and live our lives in a manner that pleases Him. Christ, at the moment of his death, completed his Father's will that he be the perfect "lamb of God" (see John 1:29, 1Peter 1:19, Revelation 5).