Protect Your Trip:  Search, compare and buy the best travel insurance for the lowest price. Temperatures range from the high 30s to the low 50s, making for mild sightseeing conditions. On the other hand, it is also the period where every bar, restaurant and entertainment location will be open. The aquarium is open all year-round. Quebec City’s parks and surrounding forests are alight with crimson, ochre, and blinding yellows that will take your breath away. Autumn is the best time to visit Canada and Québec City for those who love nature. Your Trip to Quebec City: The Complete Guide, The Best Time of Year for a Trip to Napoli, Though there are no set dates, spring is when Quebec’s sugar shacks re-open for the season. Popular Times to Visit Quebec City Average Tourist Volumes Tourism volume is estimated based on in-market destination search query interest from Google and on in 2015-2016. Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. That feeling is magical. As opposed to many cities where the carnival takes place during warmer seasons, Quebec city likes to spice things up, and that means hosting the carnival in February, where the weather is likely the coldest. This period is also the season that is most acclaimed by vacationers, who come in large masses to relax in Quebec. Leaf Group is a USA TODAY content partner providing general travel information. Every summer Sunday at the park, residents from all walks of life frequent Tam-Tam's, an informal, eclectic celebration complete with a giant drum circle and plenty of spaces to picnic. Usually, the best time for it is the last week of September, and the 1st week in October. As such, the following will guide you through the seasons in Quebec city, weather-wise. The spring and fall shoulder seasons see fewer tourists because of the lack of special events, but that means travelers can take advantage of low rates as well as seasonal perks: Springtime is maple syrup season, while autumn dazzles with colorful foliage. Get a Quote. We recently had Paul McCartney, Celine Dion and Green Day performing at the Quebec summer festival, just to name a few. Winter, the season for which Quebec City is most well known for! Quebec City is lovely to visit in fall or any season. Please feel free to contact us through the form below or on the phone number mentioned on this page Today, it is now a mixture of strong alcohol. If she had wings, she’d definitely be soaring right now. The snow makes any walk very demanding, and unless you are willing to try snowshoeing, one of Quebec’s winter sport, the walk along the Plaines won’t be as fun as it should be. Valcartier is a complete amusement park. July: 25 oC, 77 oF / 14 oC, 57 oF December is when Quebec City starts to experience regular snowfall and snow cover. Québec City is totally transformed by the changing seasons, so it depends what kind of experience you’re looking for. March and April are quite brisk; you will need a warm coat to brave the weather. Data sourced from the National Climatic Data Center. It’s always a good season to visit Quebec city. December: -4 oC, 25 oF / -13 oC, 9 oF As such, this guide will highlight the best activities to do in Quebec City based on season. Cosmopolitan, multilingual Montreal is a gem no matter when you visit, but summer could well be its best season. Rolling hills and flaxen farmlands, with areas of fire-red and bright orange forests, make it an ideal place to experience the best of fall. So what’s the best time of year to visit Québec City? From late November to the end of December, enjoy the German Christmas Market and Christmas lights before partying the night away on New Year’s Eve. The best time to visit Quebec City is in the summer where the balmy weather is ideal for strolling around the historic city center and taking advantage of the myriad restaurants’ plentiful outdoor terraces. Join the newsletter and get exclusive travel tips, giveaways and more! Summer tends to come in with a bang in June, with temperatures finally soaring into the 60s Fahrenheit (15.5 degrees C) and staying up around 75 degrees F (24 degrees C) in July and August. It is not unusual to see snowfalls until late April in Quebec city. The only disadvantage of such are the large crowd - which risk spoiling … Popular Tourist Attractions in Quebec City, Canada, The Best Time to Visit for a Quebec Vacation, Privacy Notice/Your California Privacy Rights, Hemera Technologies/ Images. While the changing colours of the leaves are pretty in every province, Québec and Eastern Canada offers a brighter array by the end of September and early October. Also, you can imagine there is no washroom in your room; there are separate amenities for your convenience. We recommend some best places to stay in Quebec city below. Despite the crowds, popular attractions like Place Royale and museums are still enjoyable and rarely require much of a wait to visit. Average high temperatures in December and January struggle to breach 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and snowfall is common. 514/283-3010 or check Activities vary quite a bit depending on the season you visit Quebec City; some tourist attractions in Quebec are available year-round. As soon as we enter May, a light jacket is usually enough. During the summer and winter months, the city's social calendar is booked solid with festivals. Temperatures are usually a few degrees lower in Québec City than in Montréal. Currently writing for a fashion-and-lifestyle website and national children's publication, she has also contributed photography and writing to luxury lifestyle magazines across the United States. The Dufferin terrace is, in fact, a boardwalk along the St-Lawrence river. Temperatures average around 15 degrees F (-9 degrees C), with January and February oscillating between 10 and 0 degrees F (-12 and -18 degrees C). Winter is also the best time to visit Old Québec, which is at its most magical under a blanket of snow. The hotel Château Laurier is not bad either, closer to the Plaines d’Abraham and quite pricy too. Spring, summer, fall, winter: each brings its vibe, its own activities. She enjoys seizing every moment exploring every hideout and doing the unimaginable, like bungee jumping in Phuket and couchsurfing in Europe. There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you. Temperatures are usually a few degrees lower in Québec City than in Montréal. One of the most interesting buildings in the historic quarter is the Morrin Center, … April:  8 oC, 46 oF / -1 oC, 30 oF Yes, it is as harsh as you’ve heard. In fall, September is the most pleasant month with warm days still outnumbering cooler periods. Sarah Elizabeth has been a media professional since 2006, with a focus on lifestyle, travel, fashion and kids. Restaurants enthusiastically set out their outdoor terraces, homeowners stuff window boxes with flowers and the streets begin to fill with smiling people. Mont Tremblant is an excellent, world-class ski resort. Travelers favorites include #1 Old Québec (Vieux-Québec), #2 Battlefields Park (Parc des Champs-de-Bataille) and more. Although the snow won’t remain for long, it’s still enough to fill the streets with cold, grey mud, also known as slush in Quebec Slang. You might think that winter is over; don’t let the glorious sun fool you! In Québec City, the period from Christmas to New Year's and February weekends during the big winter Carnaval are busy, too. Held on the Plaines d’Abraham, many international artists perform each year on the stage. It’s time to explore Québec City: beautiful gardens with gorgeous blossoming flowers and dine at restaurants serving up delicious gourmet food during the Québec Exquis food festival. A family favourite, with more than 10 000 species, it’s a great break from the summer heat or the winter cold, and a perfect activity for a rainy day. It can be sunny, which makes it beautiful. Because summer is such a busy season, plan on making hotel reservations at least three weeks in advance to ensure availability. 4 Restaurants that Showcase Québec’s Traditional Food, 11 Unusual Places to Stay in the Québec City Area, Summer Vacation in Québec City - Discover 400 Years of History, Summer Vacation in Québec City – Enjoy Events and a Vibrant Culture, Québec City in Winter - Your Best Vacation Destination, Québec City in 4 Seasons - Your Best Vacation Destination. In January and February, spend your time at Québec Winter Carnival, visiting the Ice Hotel, tubing at Village Vacances Valcartier or enjoying one of the funny winter sports. Quebec City is one place said to be even more stunning in winter. If you feel like escaping the city, you can go on a day trip to Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier, Montmorency Falls and Île d’Orléans or Wendake; there are several options to choose from. Average highs hover in the 70s from June through August and dip down into the 60s come September. Needless to say, it’s a splendid way to explore the old town and learn about the history. Temperatures start to climb come March and April. Summer is glorious in Quebec and generally arrives overnight. August: 24 oC, 75 oF / 13 oC, 55 oF, Activities: cycling, swimming, canoeing and more summer activities. The temperature in Quebec is frequently around 35ᵒC on the thermometer, but a feel over 40ᵒC with the sun and humidity. With the patios, is there anything that feels more like a vacation than a glass of rosé on a patio? Protect Your Trip » Search, compare and buy the best travel insurance for the lowest price, Courtesy of Preserved Light Photography/Getty Images/Image Source. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip. May: 17 oC, 63 oF / 5 oC, 41 oF, Activities: spring skiing, sugar shacks and more spring activities. The weather in winter still doesn’t stop tourists from coming. Website design by Hello Pomelo. Open all year round they offer a stunning view and always different depending on the season. September: 18 oC, 64 oF / 8 oC, 46 oF The Festival takes place around the beginning of July for 2 weeks. Main interests ? Winter is definitely not for everybody, and although we don’t suffer from significant heatwave like Europe, summer can be bothersome. They include: The aquarium is open all year-round. Limited travel due to the coronavirus prompts airline and hotel rewards programs to make policy changes. In conclusion, I want to leave you with the 3 musts you need to add to your schedule: An explorer at heart, the world is Isabel's playground. It is the only walled city north of Mexico still standing intact, and a city where both its native French and English languages are alive. Just make sure you have your camera ready: The maple trees don their bright fall foliage, adding a colorful spruce to the city's landscape. From a climatic point of view, Québec is particularly pleasant during the months between May and September. Lower Town is the site of the original French settlement, defined by narrow streets and stone buildings. Lonely Planet calls it "the heart and soul of francophone culture in the New World" and it stands true to this claim, especially in colder months. The French colonial architecture, signature stairs and colorful roofs are a pleasure to see, especially when flowers are out and the endless slew of winter snow melts.