© There is a downloadable EQ software for this headset that allows you to save different EQ settings based on the different games you play. And now, there's an incredible range of headsets available, all offering serious audio quality. For a seamless wireless connection, the Stealth 600 comes with a mini-USC transmitter to provide a reliable audio connection. The uni-directional mic helps isolate your voice from surrounding background noise, while a built-in feature allows you to engage the mute function by simply flipping the boom upward. As a single-player headset, it performs well with most types of game, and even handles in-game dialogue admirably, which is something that catches out most gaming headsets. As for the rest of the headset, well, you're getting a really great wireless model here. The quality of the mic will also play a large factor in how well you play. They also neatly hook up to your PS4 offering game-specific audio profiles. HyperX's Cloud Flight gaming headset comes with a detachable noise-canceling microphone, a USB charging cable, and a USB adapter. Why should you buy this? Acoustic design: Semi-open back; around ear | Cable length: wireless; 1.5m charging cable | Drivers: N/A | Weight: 9.9oz | Compatibility: PS4, PC, Mac. NY 10036. There’s no bluetooth audio support, so wireless headsets all need dongles. Sometimes you are getting more than your money's worth, and sometimes we learn a hard lesson. The Stealth 700 Gen 2 is leagues more comfortable than the Stealth 600 Gen 2, which is saying something as I found the latter fit my glasses-wearing head quite well, but had ear cups that began to pinch after a few hours of gaming. Though having said that, if you have the opportunity to stretch your budget beyond that, then you'll be in line for a treat as truly premium audio experiences lie that way. SteelSeries is confident that you'll love their headset, and if not, they offer a 100% quality guaranteed and a 12-month warranty. Honestly, the light effects are what every serious (and not so serious) gamer wants. So this headset pairs as an excellent set of headphones to listen to music when you're not gaming. Mic quality and ease of control are other major factors to keep in mind, along with battery life and charge tie with wireless models. There is a noise-canceling microphone to enable crystal clear sound quality whether you're chatting with friends or hearing your enemy's footsteps. Turtle Beach has four signature audio presets that come easily accessible right on your headset so that you can adjust your bass, sound, treble, and vocals. PDP PS4 LVL50 Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset, Slingbox Discontinued: Here's What You Need To Know, Best Alexa Skills: How To Make An Amazon Echo Device Even Better, HomePod mini Vs. Nest Audio: Apple & Google's $99 Smart Speakers Compared, Best 3D Printers Under $500 (Updated 2020), Razer Book 13: Razer Not Playing Games With First Productivity Laptop, OnePlus 8T Vs. OnePlus 8: What's New & Different Explained, Mac mini With M1 Chip: When You Can Buy & Pricing Explained, Apple Silicon MacBook: M1 Battery Benefits Explained, Apple Watch Patent Reveals Potential For Head & Body Fitness Tracking, Why Fire TV Stick 4K Is Better Than Chromecast With Google TV, Mac mini, MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Are First Apple Silicon M1 Macs. Unlike some wireless headsets, there’s little-to-no annoying wireless hum, which is especially welcome during quieter moments. If you are worried about them breaking, buying a case will help ease your mind. Past that, things get a little more complicated. To ensure you can play for as long as these are comfortable, the Stealth 600 has a 15-hour battery life. In terms of sound quality, Sennheiser's reputation shines through in abundance: there's clarity, detail, and depth here in bucketloads; the build and design are solid, sturdy and the perfect weight while the ear cups fit so they block out external noise through design alone; and the battery life is genuinely incredible, clocking in at nearly 100 hours. It’s an affordable headset with great audio and chat functionality. Bluetooth allows you to listen to music or answer a phone call even if you're in the middle of a game. Another aspect to focus on when purchasing a new wireless gaming headset is the Bluetooth range. All versions have LEDs around the cups. Equipped with a 3.5mm jack to easily switch between systems to go from Xbox One to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in a hurry, the Recon 200 has the audio quality you’re looking for in a dedicated gaming headset. The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is currently the best PS4 headset you can buy - and the best Razer headset you can buy - when you balance out performance and price. The build quality is top-notch, providing a heft and sturdiness not generally found in headsets at this price range. M1 MacBook Air Vs. Intel MacBook Air: How Apple Silicon Compares, Apple Confirms 'One More Thing’ Event Taking Place November 10. iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs. iPhone 12 Pro: Is The Extra $100 Worth It? The Arctis Pro + GameDAC combo adds just about every feature you could want from a gaming headset, on top of great audio and comfortable fit. It’s one of the most full-featured wireless headsets available for the PS4. Its aesthetic mimics stylish audiophile headphones, with a novel, one-size-fits-all headband that is incredibly comfortable and can be customized with different earpad fabrics and headband styles to fit your taste. The variable mic monitoring allows you to hear and adjust your voice while you chat, and the 50mm speakers help bring you the most immersive gaming experience imaginable. What's more, you really don't have to throw money at the situation to get a top-quality set.