However, on the other hand, there are people who like a thin board because it is quite lightweight. People who want to use a single cutting board for a wide range of needs are sure to love this model. It’s also useful for when you want to serve food on this board. "I just replaced my old Epicurean cutting board with a new Epicurean board," says another. It was to be said that the Teakhaus Teak Cutting Board is missing some of the features of other models. This is ideal for cooks who are creating complicated dishes that require a large number of different ingredients. This product is extremely easy to clean because you can sanitize them and even put it inside the dishwasher. With its thick and sturdy design, the Mevell Walnut Cutting Board really ticks all the boxes. If you are from South-east Asia, you might find a lot of cutting boards with this material since this tree is abundant in Indonesia, India, and Myanmar. However, this lightness can also lead to instability. Credit: And best of all, this type of wood looks really smart. They’re also noted for their easy-to-clean surfaces—a definite plus in our book. We find this very useful especially because this cutting board is not small enough to be kept in small spaces or cabinets. The simple design of this cutting board makes it very easy to use. Bed Bath & Beyond, Credit: This model has a handle in the center that can be very useful when you have limited space in your kitchen. The OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board features a durable surface and has clearly been built to last. This helps to prevent the juice from running onto the kitchen counter, and many cooks find this groove very useful. This board is pure white so it might be suitable for your white kitchen counter. Last but not least, it is essential to choose the best cutting board that is easy to clean. One good example of such type of cutting board is the OXO Good Grips Cutting and Carving board. "I have had this brand of cutting board for years ... since they first came out. There are no handles, so it's a little difficult to lift. According to the USDA, both materials are perfectly sanitary options if they’re cared for appropriately. The Boilton Walnut Wood Cutting Board is a scene stealer because of its gorgeous deep brown color. Our top pick? The one that offers all of these features and much more, making it the best cutting board is the…. Many people are put off from choosing wooden cutting boards because they often require special maintenance. “This is a gorgeous cutting board,” says one happy customer. All you have to do is send the seller (YippeeDaisy) a high-quality scan of your favorite recipe and they’ll handle the rest. Vegetables and cooked meats should not be placed on the same cutting board as raw meat. Not to mention, bamboo is eco-friendly and much easier on the wallet than real wood. The size is large enough to accommodate your ingredients and your chef knife. If you want a cutting board that will prevent that from happening, then you should get one that is made of plastic materials since they are easier to clean and sanitize. For an easy supper that you can depend on, we picked out some of our tried-and-true favorites that have gotten us through even the busiest of days. Your search ends here. This cutting board is pretty straightforward since it has a simple design, but at the same time, it has the basic features that a good cutting board should have. In fact, they are more recommendable for when you are working with raw meat because they don’t absorb juices and they are easy to clean. Some people don’t really need to have fancy cutting boards for their kitchen. The material of this product is also non-toxic. While this is perfectly understandable, especially for those who have a small kitchen, it’s important to know that nothing could beat the benefits of having a large chopping board. This cutting board is designed to be much more hygienic than traditional wooden models, making it ideal for raw meat. “It is nice to be able to purchase a personalized item that is also a quality item.”, “Looks very sharp,” remarks another. It should also come with a non-porous coating so that it does not attract bacteria and odors. “These cutting boards clean beautifully and can also be used to serve food such as cheese and crackers,” one reviewer suggests. The white color easily fits your kitchen. In terms of pure style, the Mevell Cutting Board is a real winner. However, you’ll notice that we included a few bamboo products on this list. Bella Howard is a contributing writer and foodie with a particular love of Mexican, Chinese and European cuisines as well as being a keen baker and jelly and jam maker extraordinaire. While bamboo is a plant, it’s a really solid material. When you buy through links on, We may earn an affiliate commission.". This helps to make this cutting board one of the sturdiest models around for enhanced peace of mind. Whether you learn to cook at the Culinary Institute of America or through a series of YouTube videos, one of the first takeaways from such schooling is that you need a good cutting board. Style lovers are sure to be attracted to this top of the range cutting board. If this is your first time using a walnut wood cutting board, then you should know that they’re easy to scratch. Some users are likely to love the fact that the boards are so lightweight and flexible. Since. We like this assurance since kids, and even adults would be safe from any of toxic chemicals. “I found a recipe of my father's, which included his signature. It is large enough to accommodate big cuts of meat and plenty of fruits and vegetables. While the curved edges of the board are attractive, they mean that the board is not reversible. Wayfair, Credit: They should be thoroughly oiled once a month and left to dry. The makers of this product also want to make sure that you would be able to use the board as soon as it arrives at your door. The Teak tree is actually known for resisting termites, rain, fungus, and even warping. A bamboo board looks great in your kitchen. As an Amazon Associate I ( earn from qualifying purchases. Bamboo has a reputation for making knives dull, which can be a little frustrating for cooks. While thin cutting boards are great for fruits and vegetables, they tend to slip too easily. As for the size, this cutting board is big enough for when you’re using a chef’s knife. It's not light, but not extremely heavy. Plastic cutting boards need to be replaced much, much more frequently than their wooden counterparts. When searching for the best cutting board, there are lots of different things to think about. The thin size makes this product easy to store. Although this may not be the most attractive cutting board around, it really excels in terms of performance. Not only does this mean the board is sourced from a more sustainable wood, but also while bringing an extra touch of class to your kitchen, or indeed dining table, its natural beauty is also kinder to knives than other woods. Cutting boards might not look as complicated as your other kitchen gadgets, but it is definitely a major tool for cooking. When you go out and buy your new cutting board, you might even be surprised at a large number of varieties being sold in the market right now. Cross-contamination can happen when you use wood cutting boards for your raw meats. They are also durable; however, they are usually more expensive. Compared to other types of wood such as maple, acacia grows faster, and it's not on the list of endangered plants. This material is so unique but also blends well in any kind of kitchen. It means that the boards can be folded up slightly, allowing the contents to be transferred directly to a pot or saucepan. in the kitchen, there is nothing worse than a cutting board that slides on the countertop. Since they’re lighter and smaller, they’re also much easier to store. Choosing a set of matching cutting boards is a good solution for people who have limited space. However, people who keep a knife sharpener close to hand will be able to avoid this issue. Additionally, this cutting board can also be used for your cheese servings and charcuteries because of its beautiful finish and large size. Wood cutting boards may look great but using them for cutting raw meats can lead to cross-contamination.