In the end, the prophecy turned out to be correct, further reinforcing the supernatural properties the organization seems to possess, as the events within Arkham City, namely Joker's death, enabled Scarecrow to consolidate the criminal underworld into one, massive campaign on Gotham. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After defeating and capturing Bane, Azrael and the rest of the staff fight off the remaining inmates who flee in terror. He signaled Batman by creating a burning bat symbol in Kingston. Location: Bleake Island, on top of the Clock Tower. Lane just asked Cash to not talk about it any more in return for his resignation. Here are all five of the meeting spots you'll need to visit for Heir To The Cowl: Location: Miagani Island, on roof west of the Bank of Gotham. Azrael realizes batman has a fire in his eye along with the rest of Gotham City. Dumas. Batman let Azrael take his sword and gave him the choice to kill him or not. After the incident it was revealed that Azrael was not the killer and that the real killer had been found dead from a stab wound. Azrael realized it was time to become the next protector of Gotham. Lane, possibly under some mystical influence, opened fire on Azrael, and apparently killed him. The handful of thugs you'll face are weaponless, and there aren't any brutes or medics in the bunch, so just make you're paying attention to counter prompts and you should finish pretty quickly. Most of this stems from his personal feelings of hatred towards criminals and desire to make the world a better place but this is often convoluted due to his feelings of guilt and regret. Once all the symbols were collected, they formed a map which lead Batman to the Church and Medical Center. Azrael's prophecy referred to the events of. Batman: Arkham City Watcher in the Wings side mission guide. You’ll need to have finished the steel mill for the first time before the watcher will appear at this location. However, if he choose to break the sword and spare Batman, he would defect from the Order completely and return to his true identity before vowing to make those who controlled him pay. Azrael helped get some of the victims of Calendar Man's poisoning plot to hospitals. Unfortunately, the testing caused a major imbalance in his mind, driving Michael insane and causing him to become a criminal instead. With that in mind, we've been rounding up information on as many of the Batman: Arkham Knight quest chains as we can get our hands on. Later on, after Batman has saved Cash and the medical team from Riddler, a large amount of inmates attack the church looking for revenge against Quincy Sharp. Unbeknownst to Azrael, the Order was in actuality influencing his way of thinking with their religion and the Suit of Souls. He reveals he was sent by the Order of St. Dumas to deliver the prophecy to Batman, claiming he is Gotham's only hope. Cash's partner in the GCPD was Michael Lane and shortly after Cash had first heard of the Order, he and Lane started to investigate a case in which several young children had been kidnapped. When Arkham City was announced, the Order knew that the events within the prison would spark a prophecy long foretold in their secret society of Gotham eventually burning, preparing for such a day, and sent Azrael to meet Batman and begin to gain his trust. If the player tries to approach Azrael as Catwoman, he will disappear in a cloud of smoke and not return. Azrael appeared in the Side Mission: Watcher in the Wings in Arkham City, and the Most Wanted Mission: Heir to the Cowl in Arkham Knight. Afterward, Batman and Azrael were seen perched on the Church's steeple together.