After recovering the information for which Vidic was searching, Abstergo's executives order Desmond to be killed. He has been defined as a MacGuffin: "he exists to move the story forward, but he provides little substance".[3]. This allows him to discern friend from foe and to read cryptic messages written on walls and floors by Subject 16, another Animus subject that Lucy and Vidic occasionally mention. Shortly after Desmond's death, a sample recovery team from Abstergo is sent to collect his body and samples for the new Sample 17. Minerva warns Desmond that if he touches the pedestal, he will be destroyed and Juno will be released but the world will be saved. Within the Animus, Desmond finds himself in the Black Room, a "safe mode" area for the device. According to voice actor Nolan North, the original plan for Desmond would be that he would feature in six respective games acquiring the skills of his Assassin ancestors and would eventually become 'The Ultimate Assassin'[28] and would be able to time-travel between time periods; North became greatly interested in the concept, this idea unfortunately was scrapped, adding upon this, North personally noted Desmond as a 'boring' protagonist whom ultimately had no direction to go forward, describing the character as 'a fork in the road'. Despite his physical death, Desmond is still a powerful asset for Templars and Assassins. Juno shows Desmond how his divinity among the survivors of the catastrophe would end with the world going through another cycle of political and religious war. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. [3] It enables him to separate Desmond's consciousness from his body and to infuse his mind with his ancestors. [26] The scientists explain they are searching the memories of Desmond's ancestors, specifically those of Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad (1165–1257; Syria),[3] for specific information, which they refuse to disclose. In 2015, a boy (Elijah Miles) was brought by his mother to an Abstergo clinic in New York City. Upon returning to his room, Desmond, suffering from the "Bleeding Effect", discovers the side effect has given him Altaïr's "Eagle Vision". With the help of his father and friends, he relives the memories of his ancestor Ratonhnhaké:ton (1756–unknown; Colonial America),[3] and he must find his way into the Central Vault and stop the world from perishing. He also describes his escape, which happened at the age of 16. [36] PlayStation Universe rated him as one of the PlayStation 3's worst characters, saying, "While voiced admirably by the ubiquitous Nolan North, it's impossible to shake the feeling of pure monotony when stepping into Desmond's shoes when all you want to do is hop back in time and stab people in the face". Using the new Animus 3.0, Desmond begins to live another of his ancestor's memories: Native American (Mohawk) Assassin, Ratonhnhaké:ton, who fought during the American Revolution. Desmond enters the Animus while in transit, knowing Ezio and perhaps Subject 16 may have the answers they seek.