He is one of the final two candidates, opposing Leonard in "the political debate of the century" which consists of Magnitude repeating his "Pop, pop!" Though intended to embody a spirit of inclusivity and to avoid derogatory stereotypes, its featureless appearance is distinctly uncanny, like a neutral gray gimp or zentai performer. She later found out he was gay. [9] As the two hang out over the course of the first two seasons, Troy increasingly abandons his identity as a jock and embraces the notion of being a nerd. "Geography of Global Conflict": Annie must deal with a scholastic rival named Annie Kim. It is later noted by Troy and Abed's closed-circuit television show of the student body elections ("Intro to Political Science") that she is actually missing. Andre Bennett (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) is Shirley's ex-husband, and a store manager. He kills Vice Dean Laybourne, briefly becoming the new Vice Dean before being exposed by Troy, who is revealed as the "truest repairman.". While the religious divide between Shirley and everyone else in the group remains, she has come to usually set aside that difference and relate to the other members as people she simply likes being friends with and vice versa. The character Britta tends less toward severity, however, and more toward court fool, frequently engaging in slapstick physical comedy. Both Chang and his "Changlorious Basterds" take part in the massive pillow fight at Greendale that is the result of Abed and Troy's conflict over a world record. "Repilot": Annie and the group reunite unexpectedly and she decides to re-enrol at Greendale to pursue a degree in Forensics. When the group grew larger she was kicked out, via a democratic voting system. He temporarily joins an elderly group of students who act like teenagers called the Hipsters, to feel accepted ("Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples"). While applying for a job at a frozen yogurt restaurant, Britta began a conversation with an irritable man handing out flyers for Greendale Community College. He spends time with the study group again in "Epidemiology," when he attempts to treat the infected students while dressed as a banana and causes Jeff to openly admit his hatred for him. Gobi appears on Family Day and disapproves of the more lenient way in which Shirley raises her boys. She also takes audio notes of every class and transcribes them, prompting Pierce to exclaim and misuse the term "spoiler alert". In season 5, Neil is shown to be friendly with the group, and Jeff expresses pride at the fact that the group saved his life so that he could return to "doing stuff in the background." The series also features recurring characters, mainly fellow students or teachers at Greendale. The show, set at the fictional Greendale Community College, depicts the on-campus exploits of students brought together when they form a study group. He breaks both of his legs in a trampoline accident after revealing a secret trampoline Jeff and Troy were hiding ("Aerodynamics of Gender"). He appears in "The Science of Illusion" to investigate a body Britta drops out of the biology labs; in "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design", he teaches Jeff and Annie the dangers of fake gun shootouts. She began attending Greendale Community College at the age of 18, and it's hinted that one of the main reasons is because Troy was going there as well. [8] He now plays quarterback for the nonathletic Greendale Human Beings, saying he would rather play football for fun.[8]. When she and the group discover that Jeff Wingerhad been lying about his credentials as a tutor, they kick him out. One of his remarkable traits is his perfectly unkempt hair, and the mystery of how he maintains its bed-headed perfection, which Dean Pelton describes as "crispy" to the touch. After spending winter break volunteering with Annie, he joins Duncan's anthropology class and unsuccessfully competes against Chang for a spot in the study group. Because of this, he gets a restraining order against Chang, while chasing him around and preventing him from getting to places. Her drug abuse led to a nervous breakdown that culminated in her jumping through a plate glass window and suffering severe injuries. "A Fistful of Paintballs": Annie participates in the 2011 paintball tournament and must deal with not only the mysterious The Black Rider but also betrayal from a friend. He later appears in a cameo during the Season 5 premiere, "Repilot," as a pre-recorded holographic projection in a courtyard at Greendale. During her adolescence, the women’s suffrage movement was gaining momentum. Annie is the most straitlaced of the study group, and once stated that she's "comfortable with being uncomfortable" about her sexuality. Although she turns out to be his cousin, Chang convinces them to remain married. Abed also thinks Gobi blames him for his mother leaving them. Although she has unceasingly exhibited a lack of romantic interest in Jeff, Britta has acted on sexual feelings for him. At the end of season one, Britta and a newly interested Professor Slater compete for his affections, culminating in Britta professing her love for him at the school's "Transfer Dance" in "Pascal's Triangle Revisited." Prof. Sean Garrity (played by Kevin Corrigan) is the theatrical drama instructor at Greendale. It is hinted at the end of "Beginner Pottery" that his relationship with his mother is extremely strained. [13] He wants his school to be more like a "real" university, and is often asking favors of the students. Jeff maintained his distance from Annie uncomfortable with the age difference. Britta adores cats and has had a few including Suzie B who turned out to be sick and passed on whom she later supplanted with Daniel who has just a single eye. At the start of her junior year at Greendale, Annie is worried about whether or not Pierce will come back to the study group. He worked in the school cafeteria until the events of "Contemporary American Poultry," when the group causes him to be fired for siphoning off chicken fingers—the most edible foodstuff served by the cafeteria—for his friends (afterwards, though, they to do exactly the same thing for themselves). View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Annie Edison. This leads to a heartfelt talk about their own confusing relationship and them sharing a kiss. He returns and realizes that he truly feels at home at Greendale and that he is his "best self" with the group. When she returns to the school, she runs into Jeff who is also wrestling with a difficult choice he just made involving Britta and Slater. As a student, he seeks a degree in music theory so that he can use his keytar skills professionally. Britta Perry (played by Gillian Jacobs) is a politically interested and socially empathetic student at Greendale, who in many cases serves as the study group's scapegoat. City CollegeEvil Annie Forgiving and good natured, he responds to insults with "None taken". After she's injured in class to the committee's negligence, Annie's attitude toward the newcomer changes. Denver, Colorado, USA Annie and the committee deal with various crisis including a negative attack ad City College was to air that would scandalize the school. When he returns, she and the others welcome him back much to Jeff's chagrin. "Origins of Vampire Mythology": Annie helps Britta avoid her ex-boyfriend Blade by keeping her on lockdown at her apartment. "Little Annie Adderall", "Caroline Decker", "Hector the Well-Endowed", "Milady" , "Irony Free Annie" . When the school is sold to Subway, Jeff and Britta get engaged, but once they save Greendale, the engagement is broken. Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne (played by Dino Stamatopoulos) is a middle-aged student at Greendale known for his star-shaped sideburns as well as other idiosyncrasies, such as wearing a top hat and owning a lizard later in the series.