And on top of all these features, these boots boast triple stitching for a guaranteed long life. These gloves from Maxiflex are designed to protect your hands while working with this dry material while still allowing your hands to breath. Other brands that inspire, especially on how they conduct their business is Palace Skateboards. When it comes to essential clothing for getting the job done right and safely – the importance of work boots cannot be over stated. … All of our denim is crafted with Japanese selvedge made on vintage shuttle looms to create a long wearing product. DePalma: My name is Jonas Skommevik, CEO, and Partner at DePalma Workwear, Rope Dye: Who started the whole thing off, DePalma: A bunch of people from different areas of expertise got together in 2015 and started talking…. (Hats, Polos, Jumpers, Shirts, Jackets, Workwear, Uniforms, Pens, Rulers and much more). Safety Workwear Brands can fulfil all your embroidery / printing needs on all ordered items. At a part of my life, I worked in a denim chain – where the focus was then put even more into the actual product, from initially being more focused on aesthetics and brand. I did collect vinyl records some time back – but have lost track of that a bit. And the fact that fantastic designs can be created by just mixing heritage materials with new technology in different ways, creating unique products both in terms of design but at the same time maintaining functional. On the other hand, hanging on the peg next to that iconic brown chore coat is the same style and fit in a leopard print. Rope Dye: What is the concept of DePalma Workwear? They don’t have the same protection and safety features as other son this list, but they have a classic look that is just a ready to wear on site as it is to wear off. Designed for hunters – but durable enough to do a lot more than just stalk buck, this 500D Oxford Nylon jacket with SWR coating and seam-sealed linings is more than capable of taking on the trash weather at your worksite. That was a huge deal! This rain jacket uses a 3-layer neoshell fabric that keeps you comfortable and dry no matter the weather. DePalma: The pride that people take in performing their specific trade, whether that is building a house, brewing a beer or grilling a steak, is what inspires us. Cut from a ripstop, abrasion-resistant cotton and polyester blend fabric, these cargo pants from 5.11 are ideal for wearing for anything from camping trips to days on the job site. For anyone, whether a professional craftsman, a DIY person or just someone to aspires to this segment – I think the common denominator is that it is and feels “real”. So I started to do my homework. Cut & Sown using Union Special machines like the good old days. DePalma: We will be a sizeable and prosperous business with international presence allowing ourselves to constantly create new, genuine and well-crafted products for our audience that we take full pride in! It is for these people we exist and creates what we do. The historic brand that built America! HiConsumption is reader-supported. We create product for a lifetime of use. For some folks, that isn’t a big deal – but for others, high prices can lock them out of the market. DePalma: I personally grew up in the skateboard and snowboard community – and started working extra in retail at a young age (12). We can embroid / print any logo or design onto any of our products. American Workwear Brand A skeletonized timekeeper featuring the brand's first all-carbon bracelet. Besides the big brand names known worldwide today, numerous smaller companies produced their own versions of the classic jeans, overalls and heavy-duty clothing worn by factory and construction workers, on the ranch or in the … Rope Dye: Who are you and what do you do? Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to tough work jackets. As a more straight up business and brand it came to life in 2001 when DePalma Clothing was born and was then run through the US, but always with ties to Sweden until 2013. In my professional career, I have only worked within the garment industry. For over a century the Seattle-based brand has been rolling out top tier equipment for professional outdoorsmen. We saw a completely new generation of craftsmen growing up, taking control and taking pride in what they do and thus also how they look. You better hope you have something as durable and reliable as Mascot’s Aveiro Jacket. Thus, craft for us can be everything from carpenters, plumbers, iron workers, mechanics to tattoo artists, bartenders, restaurant workers etc. The authentic American Workwear brand… that’s from Sweden. When I went digging into DePalma, these garments were being sold in stores where actual labourers, craftsmen or mechanics buy their gear. This backcountry jacket is built to withstand unrelenting rain without giving an inch. Made from a heavy 7.3-ounce nylon Oxford shell, this waterproof and breathable layer manages to keep water out without overheating you. Publisher World Photo Press. In recent years, workwear has slightly strayed from its roots. Product wise I would have to say my first Levis 501s- I do not know why but they just felt ”spot on”. Anyway, why am I telling you all this? There was that undefinable authenticity where you could imagine that these guys really could weld I beam’s, chop down a tree or fix your motorcycle. Up until February 2017, Matt was heavily involved with Selvedge Run, a trade show for menswear, shoes and accessories. DePalma: No, not anymore. We will also be in the forefront of workwear in regards on how you take a beautiful heritage references, and making them contemporary with all what that means – not only function wise but also concerning developing everything in a sustainable way and being a part of developing that much much further. Yeah, we get it, that sounds a little dainty of us – but go ahead and spend 8 hours dealing with cardboard and say you didn’t need some protection. HiConsumption was established by gearheads for gearheads as a modern day men’s lifestyle publication, uncovering the greatest products in adventure, tech, gear, automotive, and style. If you’re spending your days moving heavy equipment and materials while outside in the cold, the last thing you want to use as a top layer is a thick wool sweater. To help provide a bit of a breakdown, we pulled together a list of what we think are some of the best items of workwear in each major section.