Floyd: Susannah / Act 1 - "Ain't it a pretty night?" (Matthew 23:27 NIV) And I must 'fess up: I love the aria but I've never seen the whole opera. Ain't It a Pretty Night - Floyd - Pamela Andrews Master's Recital (ANU, November 2010) Ain't it a pretty night! My parents’ house is by street lights and lots of trees and has a very limited outdoor view. 1 - Phyllis Curtin 1 - Ana María Martínez. The sky's so dark and velvet-like. So I'll leave it someday an' see fer myself I wonder if I'd get lonesome fer the valley though She's a wonderful artist - please click the image to visit her page. Ain't it a pretty night! As a whole, the opera provides a critique about the negative impacts of hyper-conservative social culture and the xenophobia that resulted from McCarthyism on American culture during the 1950s. Download Ain't It A Pretty Night - Carlisle Floyd.pdf. An' to be one o'them folks myself Out there beyond them mountains The skies display his marvelous craftsmanship. To see all the tall buildin's and all the street lights Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make him known. That it might fall right down out of heaven Allen, Melissa L., "“Ain’t it a pretty night?”: An analysis of Carlisle Floyd’s Susannah as an allegory for the socio-political culture of the United States in the 1950s" (2017). Sometimes the moonlight even illuminates my backyard when I let the dog out. Allow the beauty of God's creation to inform you of His good and loving intentions, which He has also declared in His Word and demonstrated in the life, the works, the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus. She looks at the stars and thinks about what it would be like to leave her home town and travel beyond the mountains. Download Ain't it a pretty night? you may Download the file to your hard drive. The division between character in terms of social acceptability was used as the basis for the allegory between Susannah and the socio-political climate of 1950s United States. An' find out for myself: ... Download & View Ain't It A Pretty Night - Carlisle Floyd.pdf as PDF for free. I'm always happy to accept reasonable offers and combine shipping. A Bohemian is one who lives life devoted to the Arts. It bursts forth like a radiant bridegroom after his wedding. Like y'see in the mail order catalogs MP3 Song by Metropolitan Opera Orchestra from the album Renée Fleming - I Want Magic! His glory is the fire around which we should dance. 1 - Mary Mills 1 - Patricia Racette. I chose a beautiful aria for my voice recital, “Ain’t it a Pretty Night,” by Carlisle Floyd, from the opera. In fact, I seem to be having some sort of allergy attack as I write. Someday I'll leave an' then I'll come back. and it's all lit up with stars. I would whistle this aria as I walked across campus, staring at the stars, and thinking about what was out there in the universe, and it stuck. An' the mountains turnin' gold in the fall I'm always happy to accept reasonable offers and combine shipping. Check out my store for more sheet music! Ain't it a pretty night Ain't it a pretty night! The opera takes place in rural Tennessee. If a character’s actions and musical content was consistent with Appalachian folk tradition, they were grouped with other characters who had similar musical and cultural traits. I just remember the sky looked like someone just opened up a jar of glitter and poured it out. I wonder if I'd get lonesome fer the valley though. in one big blanket of velvet and diamon's. The next time your heart glories in the beauty of the night sky, remember: that feeling is only a glimmer of what God can do in your heart through His Word and His Son — if you let Him! So I’m just going to say a few words and let a song speak eloquently for me. So I'll leave it someday an' see fer myself. Filmed and recorded in Llewellyn Hall, Canberra, by the Australian National University, November 2010, on behalf of Pamela Andrews. To Nashville and Asheville and Knoxville I’ve long been infatuated with space and what could be out there in the distance, how what we see in the distance is so far in the past. The sun lives in the heavens where God placed it. If a character’s actions and musical content was not consistent with the local cultural norms, both musically and culturally, they were placed in a separate group. Watch videos with other singers performing Ain't it a pretty night: 1 - Renée Fleming 1 - Cheryl Studer. Now I always try to take advantage of a clear night. An' cover us up, and cover us up "Ain't It A Pretty Night" and "The Trees on the Mountains" Soprano Arias from SUSANNAH by Carlisle Floyd. The sky's so dark and velvet-like. If you embrace and agree with David's words, allow that same feeling of joy and well-being to continue as you read his words that follow those: The Word of God, aka “The Law,” is not meant to drag us down but to draw us up to Him. Just think, all those stars can all peep down And I still think of that aria.