I really don't care, but I do care that my son not be involved with the type of girl who gas such poor manners and can't or won't lift a finger to help out and expects to be waited on. I wasn't told until it was too late. BUT, reading your post, if I were not the perso I am, I would say RUN, not walk. Call the police if you have issues exiting him from the home. She works 12 hour shifts overnight at a hospital as a nurse manager. Get your answers by asking now. His mother rules all the men, phoning them when they are out and giving times for them to be at home. been through too much stress to even go into here. I was a single mom with an Higher Functioning Autistic Disorder son. 09/15/2015 05:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Image via joeforamerica.com "It's not your fault." You’re not attacking your child, rather you’re telling your child directly why their behavior is a problem. Take care. I was sick, scared, and lost 50 lbs. I recognize what a tough situation this must be for you and your marriage, and I wish you all the best moving forward. I feel like my sister is enabling her. He was very dependent. 'WHEN I had Oli, never in a  million years did I imagine he’d still be living with me at his age. We had carbon monoxide poisoning. He supposed to pay 150 for rent, cook for himself, he does his own laundry and half ass cleans up after himself. He has not even attempted to gain employment. church on Sunday. You may say something like the following: “How are things going? She is fake, passive aggressive and manipulative. His father is very stubborn, and set in his ways, and is not working. Is it fair for me and her mom too pay all bills , cook and clean house while both lazy asses lay around the house and do nothing , but they have money for vacation and other fun activities . I think it would raise some red flags for many parents. He returned home around 2 - 3am high and or drunk (claiming that he was out looking for a job). They told him to leave, but he lied about the free (single),apartment they got for him, saying he'd have to room with "drug users." moment she's till in Uni . She wanted to keep me trapped and isolated, so she could, have access to my son. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to make him do chores, or help out, in other ways if it isn’t something he’s willing to do. ADVICE PLEASE.... of all my life. I went to the doctors appointment and he told me to put him back on his one med. I've recently said I will no longer do their laundry and asked that they split the power bill. This pretty much what I did with both my kids, and we all now text and type and call and let each other know where we are and what we are doing. I am so sorry to, hear you are facing such struggles. He tries to blame his father and I for his issues, but of course I know when he’s older he will realize we aren’t the issue. While this doesn’t mean that you have to tell him to leave, it might be useful to think about rules which your son will need to follow in order to maintain his privileges. We wish you the best going forward. I don’t even know what she wanted — probably just to see  what I was up to that day. My son has had his own apartment for over ten years now. She understood that taking her mother for granted and being disrespectful had serious consequences. He pays no money for rent and my mom still does his laundry. Her boyfriend works off and on in construction. When I had a partner we would have to ask Oli to make himself scarce because it’s a bit of a passion killer having your adult son in the next room.