Walter C. Miller Comedy can provide us with momentary reprieves from everything that’s happening in the world today, but it shouldn’t have to. Jones is such a buoyant, compelling stage presence, and one of the most impressive things about Time Machine is the way she embodies the time traveling she describes in the show’s title. He holds nothing back, routinely saying things most wouldn't ever dare. It all adds a bit of energy to a show that otherwise lacks it. | Comedy. | Comedy. Top 25 Stand-Up Specials of All-Time. Greer Barnes, Not Rated Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale (2006 TV Special) 5. 1 John Mulaney - Kid Gorgeous at Radio City. Grace Bustos, Paul Miller, In the hands of a lesser comedian, this “moral of the story” moment would feel trite and unearned. His physicality is scarily impressive, equal parts believable (you very rarely are lost in imagining what exactly he’s doing) and profoundly absurd (see: the entire bit where he has a giant retractable penis). Tomlinson’s Quarter-Life Crisis is confident and snappy and so good that I quickly regretted rolling my eyes when I first read the title. 75 min 120 min Director: His joke about an apology his wife leaves on his car windshield is a classic example: It could just be a bit about the argument they’ve had and the strangely worded note she leaves him. Originally set for release in 600 theaters, the film rolled out into the homes of military families and became an on-demand winner instead. Tell us what you think about this feature. | It’s wild and impossible to do a whole block of new material while under quarantine, staring into a screen with no direct audience feedback while stuck in a small apartment that also houses your wife and young baby. Michael Blieden Director: | It’ll always be one of the works I think about when I think about this moment. John Mulaney has three stand-up specials on Netflix, and Kid Gorgeous at Radio City is the most recent ... 2 Ali Wong - Baby Cobra and Hard … Anthony is not for the easily offended or humorless. The result is a thoroughly entertaining hour from one of the most consistent comedians of his era.—Garrett Martin, Quarter-Life Crisis is a hilarious and easy watch thanks to Taylor Tomlinson’s self-assured cadence. Zach Galifianakis, This accomplishment is made all the more impressive by the fact that she has a knee brace visible over her jeans. Stars: Tune in to Good One every Tuesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, or wherever you get your podcasts. This short YouTube special is a furious, righteous, impassioned monologue on the murder of George Floyd and the protests that have sprung up throughout the country. Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers (2018) David Cross: Making America Great Again (2016) Marc Maron: End Times Fun (2020) Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King (2017) Joe Layton Whatever my criticisms with his recent specials, Chappelle has always been a smart, perceptive comedian with an innate grasp on how to speak to an audience; he’s also capable of being deeply sensitive, and that sensitivity returns in this video after being rarely seen in his latest full-length specials.—Garrett Martin, As she points out in her new special, Maria Bamford’s stand-up has long focused on “mental health schtick.” She goes on to say that she’s a little worried, as she’s “been feeling so good the last several years [she doesn’t] have any new material about it.” She might be doing better, but the rest of us are doing so much worse now that Weakness Is the Brand can feel like not just a stand-up special but an encouraging bit of inspiration from somebody who knows what we’re going through. George Carlin. Star: Star: He’s always had the ability to take personal anecdotes and observations and turn them into long, increasingly hilarious stories with a larger ring of truth and a tinge of the absurd, and that’s still true on I Love Everything. | Director: Director: Nelson George, Dave Chappelle, © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. Eddie Murphy's raunchy, raucous stand-up comedy routine is captured for posterity on this tape. Leslie Jones: Time Machine. Steve Byrne, the star of Sullivan & Son, brings his high-energy flair to a live audience in his latest & most personal work in his new one-hour comedy special, Champion. $36.30M, TV-14 60 min Andy Kaufman, Not Rated 76 min Ron White, 2. Netflix’s New Docuseries Features One Dangerous Wheel of Cheese. Comedy. Comedy. Donna Dixon, She also exercises her love for reality TV at HelloGiggles every now and then. Stephen Lynch, Andy Zaltzman, Not Rated | At his best in this special, Oswalt is essentially a portraitist of lovable outcasts. Top 25 Favorite/Most Fun Video Games Ever. 56 min Before he became a household name with The Daily Show, Jon Stewart taped this special in Miami, Florida and jokes about a wide range of material. Director: | Comedy. | | Here are the best stand-up comedy specials of 2020 so far. | Director: | Cazzie David Is Still Friends With Pete Davidson, Says Thank U, Ex, The CMA Awards Are Already a Hot, COVID Mess. Comedy. Ali LeRoi, Not Rated Douglas is less consistent and less full of righteous rage than its famous predecessor Nanette, but its looseness is still about ten degrees tighter than most hour-long specials. Comedy. The second HBO stand-up special by Chris Rock. In this brand-new comedy performance, he's more hilarious than ever with his unique style of self-deprecating observations and catty audience commentary. My favorite joke of the hour is a story about a swim meet, which Feimster somehow participated in enthusiastically even though she had no idea how to swim. You could call her the Goldilocks of comedy, the way that she ensures that everything, from the set up to the punchline, is just right. George Carlin, Not Rated | The 40 Best Sitcoms on Netflix Right Now (October 2020) By Garrett Martin and Paste Staff October … Documentary, Comedy, When George Carlin is asked which HBO concert is his favorite, his answer is always, "Jammin' In New York." | It’s really good comedy.—Garrett Martin. I hope they’re not too turned off, though. The biggest names in country music — in one room, in the middle of a pandemic. Comedy. | | Star: Steve Byrne, 52 min