When they come across something they're not sure about, they feel it with their foot, they actually scan the things with their feet. The walking crocodile took nine months to a year. A troop of mountain gorillas assessing Spy Gorilla. These are guys that are very good at working in the lab but when it comes to taking them out in the field in the dust and humidity they're very much out of their comfort zone. You could stuff a ridgid body into a toy squirrel and the whole thing might cost you 20 USD plus a camera of your choosing or you could buy a taxidermied deer (I have no idea what that costs) and prop in up huge 200+ USD animate it's legs with servos for another 200+USD and stuff a professional 30,000 USD camera in it. When producers first saw the Spy Pygmy Elephant, they didn't feel it would fool the real ones in Borneo. A nonprofit journalism website produced by: They're cute. Philip Dalton with Spy Bald Eagle. Rewire: What's next for you and the spy creatures? Spy Gorilla nestled in the ferns of Uganda. The series was filmed on every continent in more than 21 countries and territories. For example with the crocodile sequence (in the first episode), where you see the mother crocodile picking up the babies, that was shot on the River Nile in Uganda. They have varying degrees of complexity but I was hoping someone with experience in the area could give us some insight on the cost of a few of these robots. Elephants are highly sensitive animals and they're incredibly smart. 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Photo by Steve Downer. John Downer says: “The sequence is extraordinary. These undercover spy cameras are also able to capture intimate moments that wildlife filmmakers would not be able to acquire through traditional long lens filming techniques, according to Dalton. Spy Warthog meets some real warthogs and discovers the extraordinary relationship they have with mongoose. Photo courtesy of John Downer Productions. The great silverback thrusts his arm out to keep the rest of the group away while he evaluates. As a filmmaker, you’re always looking for innovative ways to capture wildlife behavior. There are a lot of tourists who go along on riverboat tours (so) he crocodiles are relatively habituated to people. Personally I would watch some YouTube videos about home animatronics and look at how they do things and then check out the parts they use somewhere like AliEpress. We know from feedback from viewers who have watched these films, that they are very different because they are able to really engage emotionally with the animals.”. Spy in the Wild: Amazing moment meerkat mother gets a helping hand from robot babysitter THIS is the moment a meerkat mother was helped with her young - by a ROBOT send to film them. What began as a ‘Bouldercam’ to observe lions directly in their den has morphed into an award-winning series pioneered by John Downer Productions, with over 50 realistic spy creatures capable of complex animatronic movements designed to interact with animals in the wild. When you have a relatively static spy creature like a meerkat or a wild dog, it can look around, move its head around, but when you get to the actual walking devices... suddenly you've gone beyond the realms of animatronics and into the realm of robotics. (Our advisors told me) the behavior of the mother tending to her nest had never been filmed in the wild, because those animals are so nervous it's unlikely are you going to get near them, and in no way will you get this behavior. We often have professional animatronic engineers come out with us in the field to control the spy creature. The robot meerkat was made to look and smell like the group by the Spy in the Wild producers.. At first, the meerkats are tentative with the robot, approaching it with caution. Dumont D’Urville Station, Antarctica. I said, I'm suggesting we can deploy remote cameras, which we can deploy when no one else is around. Just when it looked as though the silverback had foiled Spy Gorilla, this band of gorillas in Uganda were quick to take in the imposter. 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We look at where (animals are) going to gather in good numbers or are relatively habituated. Spychick investigates Emperor penguin colony. Here you'll find 50 years worth of entertaining and thought-provoking natural history content. For them, they love it and they often go away afterwards, to do their own school projects, building their own spy creatures and deploying them on the school grounds, which brings in another dimension to wildlife film.”. Spy Cub is anointed into the pack by a she-wolf that marks him with her own scent. 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This robotic wild dog puppy is equipped with a camera in his eye. Spy Wolf Cub joins a pack of arctic wolves, where a real cub's survival depends on friendships in one of the harshest environments in the world. Who would you rather face - a gang of meerkats or a robot cobra?Subscribe: http://bit.ly/BBCEarthSub Watch more: Planet Earth http://bit.ly/PlanetEarthPlaylist Blue Planet http://bit.ly/BluePlanetPlaylist Planet Earth II http://bit.ly/PlanetEarthIIPlaylist Planet Dinosaur http://bit.ly/PlanetDinoPlaylistSpy In The WildThe Spy Creatures are on another extraordinary mission as they discover how friendships are a vital part of animal societies. Rewire: Did any of the robotic animals get rejected by the real ones? Utilizing the latest technology also helped the Spy in the Wild 2 team ensure that their spy creatures were able to document even more than the first season, according to series producer, Huw Williams. It was a prototype robot that could move and look around, it had a camera in its eye. Mesut Ozil is Arsenal's longest serving and best-paid player. Photo courtesy of John Downer Productions. The animals could carry (the hidden cameras) around, bash them around. Spy in the Wild. Then it sort of led us to do another spy series which was called "Dolphins: Spy in the Pod." Rewire: What's your favorite moment that made it into the series? “These animatronic robotic camera devices not only mimic the way that the animals look, but also how the animals behave,” Dalton said. It takes a very long time and often the robot has to go backwards and forwards between the guy who's building the skin for it or the feathers and the guy who's built it originally. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Commenting is not currently available, but don’t worry! Executive producer John Downer said: “There’s this strange thing where the animals understand that the spy creature is like them, but know it’s a little bit different. They quickly work out the spy is not a threat or food. “Footage from Spy in the Wild 2 provided a unique insight into the behavior of mountain gorillas,” Dr. Kalema-Zikusoka said. As they observe this new arrival there is tension in the air, yet an infant gorilla is immediately interested in “playing” with the spy.